Electors: Deny Trump the Presidency…(before he can do any real and lasting damage…)

…and in doing so (regardless of the final outcome…), you will have helped all of the citizens of this Country and properly fulfilled your Constitutional obligations.

Look. I know that you don’t want to hear this, but it has to be said and it has to be said now while it still matters…while we are still an intact, functioning Democracy.

You have a serious job. A job of great import and consequence.

You as Electors have an obligation to act in support of and in accordance with the intent and the institutions of our Democracy.

Institutions like the Supreme Court that protect our freedom. Institutions like the Environmental Protection Agency that protects our air and land and water. Institutions like the Federal Trade Commission that protects us from fraud and deceptive business practices.

Hmmm. That last one rings a bell for some reason. What was it? Oh yeah, Donald Trump will compromise the office of the Presidency with his foreign entanglements. He will break the law (just as he has done many times before) and he will be impeached.

Between now and then, people will suffer. Some people may die. Not people who look like you, but they are people, with families, just like you.

You have an obligation to act above and beyond partisan, political stratagems (and make no mistake – Trump’s win was entirely strategic and in no way reflective of the will of the people. If you doubt that, just check the vote count…) and instead cast your votes to reflect allegiance with the interests and in protection of, all of the citizens of the United States.

You have an obligation to ensure, as James Madison put it, that “factions” of citizens with a common interest don’t harm the nation as a whole.

It is up to you to act as the last, best hope for the preservation of our freedoms and our Democratic way of life.

Because, here’s the thing:

Set aside for a moment the fact that Hillary Clinton is on track to beat Trump by nearly 3 million votes nationwide, which is an unprecedented number.

Instead let’s just focus on the empty vessel that is Donald J. Trump;

Donald Trump has not and will never act in anyone’s interest but his own. He cannot because he just isn’t wired that way. He sees the world through the lenses of self-interest and self-aggrandizement. Those lenses filter out any sense of obligation as a public servant. Donald Trump does not serve anything or anyone but his own rapacious ego. He can only do what he has always done throughout his sordid and sleazy career; he takes ownership, then he fails, leaving others to pay the price.

I beg you to not hand the stewardship of this great Nation to a foolhardy, fascistic, vulgarian with the impulse control of a three year old and in doing so, allow him to steer it (Us) onto the rocks of ignorance and fear and bigotry that masquerades as a policy agenda. To do so would do lasting, perhaps irreparable damage to our Democracy.

You need to understand that and do something about it before our Country and our people suffer that damage. Damage that you will have to accept proportionate responsibility for. You will have to live with the knowledge that you could have done something about it before it happened but you didn’t.

Now, take a good long look into the eyes of your kids, into the eyes of your daughters and figure out how you are going to explain that.

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