I’m done with them. The Republicans have taken over the network.

I’ve cancelled all of my season passes to everything;

…to All In (Chris Hayes lets them walk all over him even though he knows that they are lying to him),

…to Rachel Maddow (who will do anything and completely muzzle herself just to get a republican, any republican, to talk to her…)

…and to Lawrence O’Donnell (who has turned his show into a Jerry Lewis telethon for African Kids…I want kids to have desks but enough already with the info-mercials. Why don’t you just have Sally Struthers sell it for you…).

Chris Mathews never lets anyone finish a sentence and spits all over the desk (If the network had any sense they would retire Mathews and give the show to Howard Fineman who is twice as smart as Mathews even on his worst day….).

…and Brian Williams is still stuck in Network Anchor Talking Head mode.

Greta just shows up and is sitting in a brand new set in prime time. What a slap in the face to Joy Reid.

Joy Reid is the only one there with the guts and the intelligence to stand up to any of them and they have scheduled her in the wilderness of early mornings on weekends. Total disrespect!

Scarborough (who secretly runs the whole network and has veto power over everything that they put on the air…) and Greta can have the whole stinking pile of shit and just call it Fox News Lite (which is what it is slowly becoming).


Whew. I am glad I got that out of my system. I feel much better.

OK. The truth is that I like all of those people and I believe that they try very hard to do a good job as journalists.

But I am mad at them (or perhaps more accurately their network) for one, very good reason. And I will explain that in my next posting. Stay tuned, or as Rachel likes to say; “Watch this space…”

Oh yeah, I almost forgot; Lockup sucks!


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