Hey Trumpsters! This is what “shaking things up” looks like!

Trump supporters recited the same answer over and over, like some insane parrot that had suffered head trauma, when asked why they were supporting Donald Trump for president;

“I want someone who’s gonna shake things up…”

So, mission accomplished! Your candidate was elected and I think that we can all agree that things are “shaken up” beyond all recognition. So everyone in Trump Town is happy right?

To quote Donald Trump: WRONG!

They are not happy with all of the “Sore Losers” that are making all this ruckus and theĀ  “fake protests” that constitute millions of “paid protesters” that are “crying because their candidate lost.”

To which I politely respond, FUCK OFF!

Listen meat puppets, you can’t have it both ways (although most angry children want exactly that…). You wanted to shake things up. Well this is what shaking things up looks like on a global scale. This is the kind of shaken up that you can see from space.

So here’s the thing:

If you are not able to make the mental leap that electing a candidate as divisive as Donald Trump whom has derided and alienated most of the people in this country during a hate-filled and contentious campaign, might result in those citizens deciding that they want to express themselves through their constitutional rights of assembly and protest, or you are just not willing to accept the fact that the election result that you asked for would look like this, then you need to do something that I am pretty sure you have never done before in your bitter, angry lives as perennial victims;

Blame yourself, not us.

Now, if you will excuse me, I’m going to find out who I talk to about getting my hands on some of that sweet, sweet protester money…

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