The Hard Truth(s).

You are right protest voters; your Government is not listening to you…

…and voting for a bloviating racist with no experience as the mayor of a one horse town, let alone as the leader of the free world, or for a third party candidate with a limited knowledge of the world and an even more limited chance of actually winning an election, will not improve that circumstance.

Know why? I’m sorry, that was a stupid question. Of course you don’t know why. I forgot for a second that your ignorance of anything beyond your own self-centered, impotent rage is complete.

So I will skip all the hints and just tell you the answer to save us both some time.

Here it is:

Your government isn’t listening to you because you are the fucking government!

That’s right. Turns out we live in a self governing, Representative Democracy which means that if you don’t bother to learn about the ways and means by which our government functions (or does not function) and instead just sit in your self imposed, fact free bubble yammering about how “the Brown people have ruined it for all the decent God fearing White people that belong here,” then you miss some important truths.

Truth One: It is your task and responsibility as a Citizen of this country to elect representatives that have not only earned the public trust through their experience in the complex job of governance, but also understand that running a country and providing for the public welfare both domestically and throughout the World, is very serious business! If they fail, people can and will die.

Truth Two: That Brown person had a life far more difficult than yours. He or she didn’t sit around whining about how all the White folks stole his country. He got off of his ass and did something about his circumstances.

Truth Three: People can only deceive you if you don’t bother to find out the facts for yourself.

Truth Four: There are no elites. (right about here you should be imagining Oz talking to the Scarecrow…) There are only people just like you. The only difference between them and you is that they bothered to open their eyes and their mind to a wide, wide world of facts and knowledge. They don’t just bump along doing the same thing over and over and wonder why the difficult circumstances of their musty, moldering little lives don’t change and how they got left behind.

They actually look for answers. And if they don’t like the answers that they find they don’t stick their fingers in their ears and pretend that the facts they discover are just wrong. They accept the facts that they encounter and then go about trying to change the set of circumstances that lead to those facts.

Write letters, make phone calls, show up at town hall events. Start a movement, gain insight and knowledge and use that knowledge to chart a course for making things better. That is how people out here in the real America actually bring about meaningful change that benefits everyone.

Truth Five: Blowing things up because you are frustrated and angry is what children do. Stop acting like a petulant child and consider the fact that giving the nuclear codes to an ignorant narcissist with sloppy impulse control makes you not only stupid but also a threat to your fellow citizens.

Truth Six: When you “shake things up” (think; beer and earthquakes…and a nuclear arsenal…) what you end up with is a big fucking mess.

Truth Seven: You voted for a con man who told you what you wanted to hear. He got away with that because he knew that you would be too lazy, foolish and full of ambiguous and nonsensical anger at his opponent to bother with considering minor details like how in the world a man-child that has failed at every enterprise that he has ever started (until he finally hit upon the idea of licensing a brand name that was made famous by his involvement in a game show), could possibly have the intelligence, preparation and wherewithal to run the largest and most complex federal government in the world.

Truth Eight: Now that you have elected the “Little Rascals” (Google it…) to high office you are about to be taught a very hard lesson in just what will happen if you ignore truths One through Six.


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